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  With an emphasis on personalized attention for the small business or the individual, Sunset Accounting offers a full array of services to suit your needs. Check out our services menu for all the details. And to keep up with all the breaking news on the tax front and how it affects you, visit us HERE  often or SIGN UP to have our monthly newsletter delivered to your email free of charge. 

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And it looks downright tame compared to the upheaval and changes of last season. But that doesn't mean there aren't any new wrinkles or changes to consider.

More detailed discussion of some of these changes can be found in our Newsletter Archive - find it here!!





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Your tax withholding under the new tax law

If The Phrase "tax Surprise" Puts A Shiver Up Your Spine, Take A Few Moments To Watch This Irs Video On Making Sure Your Withholding Is Right.




Ever Wonder Where Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars Go To Once They're Paid To The Us Treasury? There's A Million And One Urban Legends Out There, And A Whole Lot Of Misinformation. So, In The Interest Of Being The Smartest Guy Or Gal At The Water Cooler Next Time The Budget Deficit Comes Up, Here's How Every $100 That You Pay In Gets Spent. Surprised? (other, By The Way, Covers Things Like Food Inspections, Health/science Safety And Research And A Host Of Other Items)



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  Are you being squeezed by your payroll service? 

 Let us show you how to save on payroll processing AND get the best service in the business.Click here to start saving! 



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  So you want to start your own business but...... 

Does the thought of what it takes to get started scare you? Relax and check out our StartupPlus service. One less thing to worry about. 


 Drowning in Paper  

    The Business Owners Dilemma.....

 Good bookkeeping and accounting is vital to the success and operation of your business. Yet, it seems to take too much time to keep a handle on - time you could better spend on actually running your business and managing its growth. But turning it over to  accounting and bookkeeping firms can be expensive, right? With all the hidden charges and impersonal service?  You don't have to choose between "efficient" and "affordable". Check out our menu of available services and packages tailored for what you and your business need.



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Are you delinquent in filing your tax returns?

Help yourself by filing your past-due federal tax returns.Most people voluntarily file their tax returns and pay their taxes —they want to pay their fair share and get a refund, claim a credit or avoid breaking the law.  IRS research shows that sometimes people don’t file due to:

• a change in their filing status resulting from the death of a spouse, divorce or other life-changing event;emotional or financial reasons; or procrastination.
Unfortunately, failing to file a return can create additional problems:

• Failure to file penalty – If you owe taxes, a delay in filing may result in penalty and interest charges that could increase your tax bill. The longer you delay, the larger these charges grow.  

• Losing your refund –There is no penalty for failure to file if you are due a refund. However, you cannot obtain a refund without filing a tax return. If you wait too long to file, you may risk losing the refund altogether. In cases where a return is not filed, the law provides most taxpayers with a three year window of opportunity for claiming a refund.

* EITC – If you are entitled to the Earned Income Tax Credit, you must file your return to claim the credit even if you are not otherwise required to file. The return must be filed within three years of the due date in order to receive the credit.

What should you do? Whether you are just one year behind or several, its never too late to catch up and "get back into the system". Sunset Accounting will prepare and submit those returns and work to minimize or even eliminate the late-filing penalties that IRS will surely charge. Call or email today to set up a free consultation. We've handled hundreds of these type situations over the years,helping our clients to sleep better at night knowing this is behind them. We can help you, too.





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